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The SQS solution of high-power connectors is based on using copper ferrules with bored front face. The copper body allows better heat dissipation and free-standing fiber tip minimizes the probability of damage by uncoupled light. Moreover the front part of the connector is epoxy free so there is no material that could easily burn.
The SQS team developed a new design of these connectors for even higher powers by adding a fiber end-cap to the front face. This solution ensures expansion of the Mode Field Diameter and thus reduces the power density at the glass-air interface to a level below the damage threshold.
Additional enhancement of these connectors could be done by using AR coating or mode-stripping technology, which removes most of the light from fiber cladding.


  • Copper ferrule
  • Free-standing fiber tip
  • Epoxy free connector front
  • Up to 300W*
  • Fiber diameter 125-1200µm
  • PVC or metal tubing


  • End-cap
  • AR coating
  • Mode-stripping
  • Water cooled heatsink
  • Key pin *
Datasheet download in PDF  pdf ikona

Drawing D-80 Connectors

Drawing SMA 905 Connectors

Endcap Function

Free Standing Fiber Tip