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Fiber Arrays and V-Grooves

We offer customized fiber arrays with a very accurate positioning of optical fibers in a row (1D) or in a plane (2D). Fiber arrays may be made with most type of fibers including polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. Fibers’ end faces at fiber arrays may be polished at different angles according to the application. The thickness of cover glass by 1D fiber arrays may be as thin as 150um and the end face covered by reflex or anti-reflex coating as well as by lens array. 2D fiber arrays can be housed in metal flanges and the other side of the fibers may be terminated by optical connectors.

Micro-lens array with fiber interface

Our process of precise active alignment of 2D fiber arrays onto micro-lens arrays enables us to offer these assemblies with very high densities of these lens arrays, thus achieving a very high density of outgoing light beams. The choice of an appropriate lens array is based on the desired parameters of outgoing light beams or on application requirements specified by the customer.

The unique method of active alignment of the fibers onto the lenses as well as a very precise positioning of lenses within lens array ensures a very prices distribution and shape of outgoing light beams, that is, of minimum angle and offset deviation.

The use of micro-lens arrays with fiber interface is steadily expanding into new applications. At present they are used mostly in medicine, military, sensors and tele-communications.

Fiber Matrix array

We manufacture fiber matrix arrays with precise positioning of optical fibers in a plane. Into sanded/polished glass discs are pulse lasered precise holes in various patterns, into which are subsequently sealed optical fibers (SM, MM, PM). Then is the front face of the whole disc resanded/repolished and as per customer's request antireflection coated. Fiber matrix arrays in a plane are most often made of quartz, borosilicate glass or Al2O3. Such matrix arrays are then according to specifications placed into aluminum (anodized) respectively stainless steel holders of arbitrary shapes. On assembled matrix arrays are measured distances between the actual and the ideal position of fiber cores.

V- grooves and fiber arrays

We are manufacturing fiber arrays which provide for accurate placement of optical fibers along one common axis. Due to the precise process of cutting grooves in the shape of letter V into the glass substrates we are achieving a very high mutual alignment accuracy of fibers in that substrate. In most cases we are cutting grooves into borosilicate glass or quartz glass of 0.5 to 2.5 mm thickness. After positioning fibers in V-grooves a glass plate of 150 um to 2.5 mm thickness is placed on top of it. The front face of the glued assembly is then sanded/polished according to customer's specifications, it is also possible to apply antireflection coatings.

Fiber arrays are most commonly used for encapsulation of opto-electrical integrated circuits, optical planar structures (PLC power splitter) or sensors. We produce fiber array with SM, MM and PM fibers as well as their combinations of different fiber counts. On all of the channels of assembled fiber array is measured distance between the actual and the ideal position of fiber cores.