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Optical cables for data transmission and measurement

We manufacture fiber optic patch cables suitable for high-speed data transfer. Referential optical cables for measurement purposes. Fiber optic patch cables with high extinction ratio in order to ensure unchangeable plane of polarization for sensory applications. Optical interconnect cables for use in vacuum, outdoor, industrial and military applications.

SQS's interconnect cables are manufactured with the utmost carefulness and with the attention to high quality of the final product. High quality of our optical components is achieved thanks to our qualified workers, to more than twenty years of experience in fiber optic field and to technological innovations.

Manufactured patch cords, pigtails, fan-outs are in compliance with international standards IEC, CENELEC and Telcordia. For their production are used only internally approved connector sets and optical fibers from the world most renowned manufacturers.

Before leaving to a customer, each patch cord is optically measured and undergoes thorough visual inspection.

Single-mode fiber optic patch cables with E2000 / Diamond connectors

Single mode fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) with Diamond connectors (E2000) provide, even today, for the best optical performance thanks to their unique technology of active centering of the fiber core within their dual-layer ferrule.

Diamond connectors are long lasting and achieve minimum insertion loss when paired up with any other randomly selected connector from one manufacturing batch. We put E2000 / Diamond Connectors not only on SM fibers for telecommunication industry but also on SM fibers with smaller core diameters of 2 to 5 micron where the capability of active centering is even more profound.

Single-mode fiber optic patch cables with ceramic connectors

Single-mode fiber optic patch cables with ceramic connectors represent an alternative to the connectors with multi-layer Diamond ferrule.

These single-mode fiber patch cables (patch cords) are available in custom lengths with a wide range of fiber optic connectors including LC / PC, SC / APC, MPO / MTP® or E2000 / APC. Connector sets and fibers / cables are purchased from reputable manufacturers and undergo strict incoming SQS inspection. Optical patch cords have minimal insertion loss and large back reflection.

Single mode polarization maintaining (PM) fiber optic patch cables with high extinction ratio

SQS's single mode PM jumper cables (patch cords) are available over a wide wavelength range from 400 to 1620nm.

Thanks to a unique patented assembling technology (Pat. No. 295401) we are able to achieve high extinction values (of up to 35 dB) over a contact of two PM connectors and minimize angle deviation in alignment of slow or fast axis of the fiber to the connector's key down to ± 0.8 ° / ± 1.5 ° / ± 2.5 °, as per customer request.

Single mode PM jumper cables (patch cords) have a low insertion loss and a high return loss. Their lengths and type of connectors (FC, LC, SC, E2000) are as per customer's specifications.

Single-mode and multimode referential and master optical cables

We manufacture reference and master optical cables (patch cords) with different connector types, in various lengths and with single-mode or multimode fibers.

Our referential/master cables meet international standards IEC, CELENC and Telcordia. Their optical parameters as well as geometry of the ferrules' end faces are guaranteed by accompanying specification protocols.

Multimode fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) with gradient refractive index

Multimode fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) with gradient index (GI) of refraction are offered in combination with FC, SMA905 (FSMA), SC, LC, ST, E2000, MPO / MTP® connectors. These patch cords are manufactured in custom lengths and designed for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

SQS's multimode fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) are designed for vacuum, industrial and military applications. The multimode fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) are offered with OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 fibers and their insertion loss is measured at 850 and 1310nm under condition of even light distribution over the fiber core.>

Multimode fiber optic patch cords with step index fiber

Multimode fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) with the step index fibers are offered with FC, SMA905 (FSMA), ST connectors and in custom lengths. Multimode fibers have core sizes of between 50 and 1000um and numerical aperture (NA) of 0.1 to 0.5.
Multimode fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) are offered for wavelength ranges anywhere from UV to IR. Optical fiber can be housed in many types of protective tubes of different outside diameters and of different materials such as flexible stainless steel tube.

As we possess technology for thin film layer deposition the ferrules' or capillaries' end faces can be offered with antireflection coatings. Anti-reflective coating (ARC) lowers typical reflectivity of about 5% down to about 0.1% depending on the requested wavelength range.

Pre-connectorized optical routes

SQS offers pre-connectorized optical routes which speed up and thus lower cost of installation of optical routes on construction sites. Pre-connectorized optical route is supplied with the specification sheet and is thus fully installation ready into troughs or vertical pipes.

Fiber optic connectors at both ends of the optical route are placed in protective pull through devices which provides for save installation.

After installation of an optical route one removes connectors from the pull through protective device and without the need of splicing, establishes required connections. Pre-connectorized optical routes are manufactured according to the customers' requirements.

Fiber Optic Patch Cables for vacuum with non-magnetic FC connectors

We produce fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) suitable for vacuum applications.

Used fibers have minimal outgassing properties and bodies of their FC connectors are made of non-magnetic stainless steel which is suitable for vacuum.

These fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) are offered with FC / PC and APC connectors with narrow or wide key. For the connection establishment between these vacuum connectors we provide adapters made of UHV-compatible steel. Further, these fiber optic patch cables (patch cords) are available with single-mode and multimode fibers.