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Project: Purchase of Machinery and Equipment for Prototyping Supported Projects Overview:

Automation of production of optical fiber components and serial production of high-precision fiber arrays with collimators


The aim of the project is to automate production processes in the production of fiber optic components and to start automatic serial production of new fiber optic modules with high-precision fiber optic arrays with collimators. The design of these components has been developed and optimized for multi-channel optical signal transmission between optical fibers and the corresponding inputs and outputs of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for a new generation of photonic devices and systems with high transmission capacity.


Expansion of development capacities with CNC machining and measurement technologies with submicron precision


The aim of the project, which is currently in the implementation phase, is to expand the research and innovation capacity with CNC machining and measurement technology for the development of extremely precise mechanical parts of special optical assemblies with high added value. The project builds on many years of experience in the development of precision mechanical parts and fundamentally shifts the company's development capabilities in the field of machining and contact measurement to submicron precision. The motivation for such precision is research applications focused on unique combinations of precision mechanics and top optics.

Offer of Supported Infrastructure Development Services

The new equipment of the development workshop of the Precision CNC Machining and Measurement Department advances the company's machining and metrology development capabilities to the currently highest achievable technological maturity in the field of submicron precision and thus opens up space for the implementation of research and development projects in new application areas of fiber optics.

Purchased machines:

  • CNC lathe for hard machining
  • Coordinate measuring machine
  • Advanced dimensional control of workpieces

List of exams:

  • Development of a functional sample, prototype, rotary mechanical part with a requirement for micron (1 µm = 0.001 mm) to submicron (<1 µm) accuracy of outer and inner diameters with the required mutual alignment of the outer and inner diameter in the order of microns.
  • Micro-drilling of holes with diameters according to the optical fiber used (e.g. typically from a diameter of 0.080 mm to a diameter of 1.050 mm).
  • Related high-precision measurement of the mechanical part under development on a coordinate measuring machine
  • Dimensional control of workpieces

The price charged for the operation or use of this infrastructure will correspond to the market price. The price of the contract for the provision of infrastructure will be determined based on the specific demand of the entity that will be interested in the offered services.


SQS Educational Center - DS Saurus


The aim of the project is to build and operate a childcare facility. A corporate children's group facility with a capacity of 12 children was established. It is currently in the operation phase.


Purchase of machines and equipment for prototyping


On December 9, 2016 SQS Fiber Optics received a grant decision. The innovation project of "Purchase of machinery and equipment for prototyping" received support from the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, support program Potential 1st call.

The main objective of the project is the implementation of laser and CNC micromachining for development of high precision mechanical parts of fiber optic and optoelectronic products.

The project includes the acquisition, installation and commissioning of machinery and equipment for the production of prototype products developed by the research and development department of the company. The aim is to enable the development department to manufacture prototypes of precision mechanical parts of various fiber optic and optoelectronic products, incl. solutions for demanding industrial applications and specific customized solutions. The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the company. The project will in particular contribute to streamline and speed up development works and thus accelerate the implementation of the results of industrial research and development into production.

As of the end of the project, i.e. from 30/06/2018, all acquired technology is also available as a service to other entities for carrying out the following tests. The supported infrastructure services may be used by third parties exclusively for conducting research, e.g. for the construction of functional samples and prototypes.

The price charged for the operation or use of this infrastructure will correspond to the market price. The price of the contract for the provision of infrastructure services will be determined based on the specific demand of the entity that will be interested in the offered services. Services offered by the supported infrastructure:

IR Femtosecond laser (incl. high-precision workpiece positioning)

  • tests of machinability of glasses with a femtosecond laser
  • tests of direct writing of waveguides into glasses
  • LIDT (Laser Induced Damage Threshold) test for an IR femtosecond laser

Multifunctional CNC machining center

  • high-precision machinability tests of mechanical parts (including materials that are difficult to machine, e.g. titanium, duplex steel or materials from the category of superalloys, e.g. inconel)
  • machinability tests of rotary components, which, in addition to turning operations, often contain a large proportion of milling and drilling operations at various angles, including free-form surfaces
  • finding a functional and manufacturing optimal design solution

High precision CNC milling center

  • machinability tests in micron to sub-micron accuracies (both for traditional metal materials, e.g. stainless steel, and for hard-to-machine materials such as glass and ceramics)
  • machinability tests of complicated shaped parts

Coordinate measuring machine for optical measurement of roughness and profile

Optical measurements of workpieces

  • precision mechanical parts measurements
  • quality of surfaces measurements

Optical measurements of machining tools

  • geometry and quality of cutting edges of machining tools measurements
  • detection of defects on machining tools

Note: Especially in the tasks of achieving polished surfaces and machining with micron accuracies, it is necessary to pay maximum attention not only to the machine tool and the technology used, but also to the machining tools. In the case of high precision machining, it is necessary to perform an inspection of the machining tools before they are used in the machining process.