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SQS Vlaknova optika offers a custom design and production of laser sources for a wide variety of applications including metal and plastic material cutting and welding, laser marking and engraving, medical and cosmetic services, testing and measuring systems. These specific applications require special laser system configurations for which we are ready to design and manufacture suitable tailor-made solutions.

Optional Product Configuration
  • Continuous, quasi-continuous, pulsed operation modes
  • Laser source:
    - Wavelengths from VIS to SWIR
    - Diode bar, diode stacks, pigtailed laser diode, fiber laser
  • Customized output beam profile (Gaussian, square, flat-top)
  • Laser control (control interface, network communication)
  • System safety function (shutter, safety interlock)
  • Laser beam delivery (fiber bundle, MM/SM fiber, free space)
  • Cutting, welding (plastic, metal materials)
  • Laser marking, engraving
  • Medical and cosmetic services
  • Testing and measurement
  • Harsh environment solutions

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Laserové systémy na míru

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