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SPIE Photonics West The World's Leading Photonics, Laser, and Biomedical Optics Event Be part of the solution–present your work in green technologies and be recognized by your peers The global community recognizes the need for sustainable and renewable energy sources as well as the need to conserve resources and spur economic growth. The SPIE Green Photonics virtual symposium highlights the latest photonics and optoelectronic tools and materials that will reduce power consumption, enable cleaner manufacturing, and create new energy generation for a broad range of applications. To be considered for inclusion in the SPIE Green Photonics virtual symposium, when submitting your abstract, enter "GREEN PHOTONICS" as your first keyword in step 4 of the online submission wizard, and upload a 1- to 2-page summary (.doc, .rtf, .ps, and .prn file types accepted) in step 6. If your paper is selected by the Green Photonics selection committee, your work will be eligible to receive additional exposure at Photonics West, including the opportunity to win a SPIE Green Photonics Best Paper Award. Papers are solicited on the following and related topics: +Solid State Lighting and Displays Efficient new light sources will provide long-lived and economical illumination for human activities and information display. +Laser-assisted Manufacturing and Micro/Nano Fabrication Optoelectronic sensors and concentrated optical energy sources will enable precision fabrication with low waste. +Communications The next generation of optical networks will operate with increased bandwidth and reduced power consumption. +Renewable Energy Generation: Fusion and Photovoltaics Small carbon footprint technologies will help meet the world's increasing demand for energy in a sustainable manner. SPIE will compile all Green Photonics submissions from across OPTO, LASE, and MOEMS-MEMS conferences to form the 2012 SPIE Green Photonics virtual symposium. The Green Photonics program will showcase a broad representation of research across Photonics West that is working toward improvements in energy, sustainability, and conservation.