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SQS optical splitter modules offer several alternative solutions. It is actually a "plug and play" solution, when the customer receives the "box" ready for connection to the network. Passive optical modules provide storage of planar PLC splitters, or fusion FBT splitters and outlet of splitter inputs and outputs.

The following options are available:

  • LGX-compatible modules (3 different widths, building height 3U)
  • 19 " or 21" rack (building height of 1U or 2U)

The basis of LGX splitter modules are "optical boxes" compatible with standard LGX cassettes.

Various versions of the design inputs and outputs:

  • A - connector (input / output via optical connectors / adapters)
  • B - pigtailová (input / output through the cable glands)
  • C - MPO connector plus fan-out (output: multi-fiber connectors / adapters andbranching fan-out)

Types of LGX compatible cassettes (depending on module width):

simple, double, quadruple

Based on PLC technology they optimally balance performance, size and cost:

  • Low insertion loss, return loss and PDL.
  • Excellent reliability and environmental and mechanical stability.
  • New Solution - HD (HighDensity) Splitter Modules 1x64.

Variations of the access network architecture:

  • FTTP - Fiber to the Premises
  • FTTB - Fiber to the Building
  • FTTH - Fiber to the Home
  • FTTD - Fiber to the Desk
Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona

Combination of different components (PLC, FBT or TFF) used in module

Passive Modules
Minibox 1LG/3U 2LGX/3U 4LGX/3U 1U/19' 2U/19'
minibox 1LG/3U 2LGX/3U 4LGX/3U 1U/19 2U/19
Box Dimensions
Front Panel Dimensions
80x50x18 29.2x101x159
Adapter Interface
(Max Ports)
LC (9) LC (17)
SC,E2000 (9)
MTP (4)
LC (33)
SC,E2000 (17)
MTP (8)
LC (65)
SC,E2000 (33)
LC (36)
SC,E2000 (24)
FC (24)
LC (72)
SC, E2000 (48)
FC (48)
Pigtail Interface
(Max Ports)
9 65 129 On request / /
Material/Color Metal/black Metal/black Metal/black Metal/black Metal/black Metal/black
Technical Drawings minibox 1LG/3U 2LGX/3U 4LGX/3U 1U/19 2U/19

Note: Other connector interface and housing available based on request. Active components together with passive components can be used in SQS modules according to customers requirement.

20 LC Box
1U 19'