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SQS na Photonics West 2020

SPIE Photonics West is taking place in San Francisco from February 1 to February 6, 2020 - a week of international conferences and accompanying exhibitions in photonics and laser technology. The event includes three conferences BiOS, LASE, OPTO and two exhibitions BiOS Expo and Photonics West Exhibition, attended by experts and companies specializing in a variety of photonic and optical technologies: lasers and other light sources, cameras, optics and high-speed imaging, optical communications, components, devices and systems of fiber optics.

SQS Vlaknova optika (SQS Fiber Optics) will participate in the Photonics West Exhibition where the company will present its products and services in development and manufacturing. Among the most interesting SQS products that come from company’s own development, there are various types of fiber optic bundles. They are designed to transmit optical signals with very high performance. The fiber bundles contain up to 10,000 or even more optical fibers and can serve, for example, in the form of special interconnecting cables for the transmission of high energy laser beams.

Lasers are now used in many industries for cutting, welding, drilling and other applications. A very interesting application of lasers is for example Laser Shock Peening (LSP) – hardening of material surface of mechanical parts by high-energy laser pulses which allows a significant increase in fatigue life of cyclically loaded parts. This technology finds practical use in the most demanding applications such as in the aerospace industry. For LSP and other laser applications, it is advantageous when the laser head may be moved around the workpiece. This can only be achieved by interconnecting the laser beam source and the laser working head with a special fiber optic cable capable of transferring the very-high-energy laser beam required.

At the Photonics West Exhibition, SQS will introduce also other products from its own R&D. These include e.g. various types of fiber arrays including a very low-profile solution that has been developed to connect optical fibers directly to photonic active elements on printed circuit boards, or various types of optical feedthroughs for high-pressure or hi-vacuum applications.