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planarni technologieIn 2019 SQS Vláknová optika celebrates its 25th anniversary.

For a quarter century of existence, the company has built a very good name in our country and abroad in the field of development and production of fiber optics and optoelectronics components for various devices and systems working with optical signals and data.

From the first few employees working in one room, their number has gradually grown to just nearly 300, and the SQS premises in the heart of Nova Paka today comprise several buildings with clean room manufacturing facilities and modern technologies.

Since the initial production of fiber optic interconnect cables with one type of connector technology (Diamond active core-alignment technology) and an exclusive focus on telecommunications, the assortment has expanded considerably. The current range of components produced in SQS comes largely from its own development and is also applied in many other fields. Company’s main fiber optic products include optical interconnect cables with optical connectors, optical signal splitters for splitting the power of an input signal into multiple output fibers, laser delivery cables for high-energy laser beams transfer, optical fiber arrays, fiber feedthroughs and other products, e.g. for applications in optical telecommunication networks, data centers, measurement and sensor technology and other applications across industries including aerospace, defense, medicine, engineering or underwater communications.

In the field of optoelectronics, the main products of SQS are special LEDs with integrated optical lenses for various types of automobile lighting and lighting modules containing multiple LED chips, optics, optionally also intelligent lighting parameters control.

The resulting solutions of SQS products are often a combination of optics, fiber optics and optoelectronics, but also precision mechanics as the design and precise manufacturing of mechanical components are of no less importance to the overall solution. That's why the company has recently invested heavily in precision laser and CNC machining.

SQS sees its future in further development of company's existing strengths and its ability to offer customers comprehensive services from technical development and design through prototype development to production processes development and serial production.

SQS is aware of the fact that the company's main capital is overall the people working in the company. Their knowledge and skills combined with state-of-the-art technologies are the key to finding solutions and the following production. Since SQS is built on innovations and the development of new components, often tailored to customer requirements, the company must have a strong development department currently counting about 60 engineers including four with PhD degrees. SQS employee support for further education and their independent scientific work is a matter of course in this respect.

The company wants to further develop cooperation with secondary and higher education institutions, continue to cooperate with experts from Czech and foreign research organizations, but also to give opportunity to all who have addressed the company's focus, make them sense and are interested in innovative solutions and production built on modern technologies.

Let’s wish SQS to further implement its plans, overcome obstacles, and successfully continue the journey that began 25 years ago.