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SQS Vláknová optika has developed highly precise fiber optic collimators with low angular misalignment of the optical beam against the collimator geometrical axis. These collimators are designed to minimize insertion loss for signal passing through the air gap.

The lenses can be designed according to the customer requirements. Standardly all of the paramaters are simulated in ZEMAX software.

These collimators can be glued into a 2D array with high precision and all light channels are thus parallel. The type of fiber, the operating wavelength, the working distance and other parameters could be defined by the customer.

Free-space to fiber coupling, sensor technology, components testing and checking, fiber to detector coupling

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Fiber Collimators - Specification

Working distance [mm]: 1 ~ 250
Beam waist [um] typ. 150 - 1000
Wavelegth range [nm]: 200 - 1600
Insertion loss [dB]: < 0.5 **
Return loss [dB]: > 55
Diameter of the lens [mm]: 1, 1.8, 2.5 *
Angular misalignment [mrad]: < 2 (without housing)
ARC based on customer requirements, typ. R > 0.5%
Type of fiber: SM, MM or PM
Type of lens: C-lens, GRIN Lens
Connectors: FC, SC, LC, E2000, ... (APC or PC)
Housing: Glass or Metal capillary / without housing

* can be customized
** this value is valid for a given wavelength, working distance, anti reflection layer and so on

Collimator functional drawing

Fiber Collimator - Functional Drawing

Fiber Collimator Array - Parameters

Number of channels 1 ~ 20*
Collimator layout Typ. m x n, hexagonal or others
Connectors FC, LC, MTP®

*) For higher number or density of fibers in 2D fiber arrays we offer the option to use MLA instead of single collimators.

Fiber Optic Collimators

Fiber Optic Collimators MPT Connector
Fiber Optic Collimators FC onnector
Fiber Optic Collimators E2000 Connector