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Known as producer of high-precision fiber optic components, SQS offers 2D fiber arrays which allow submicron arrangement of fibers in 2D matrix. High accuracy drilling is achieved by unique combination of technologies: UV laser and precise positioning system.

SQS offers customized solutions of 2D matrix patterns, and choice of single-mode, multimode, or polarization maintaining optical fibers including lensed fibers.

2D fiber array polishing process is quite demanding because of a larger front surface, and it had to be accommodated to these specific requirements. Reached optical parameters (RL) of 2D fiber arrays by SQS correspond to values of 1D fiber arrays or ceramic ferrules.

2D Fiber Array assembly may be accommodated to customer requests. Fiber Array may be positioned in a metal flange for easier handling. Optical Fibers may be protected by tubing, and terminated by any type of optical connector (single fiber or multifiber).


  • SM or MM optical fiber
  • customized solutions available
  • various materials (borosilicate, fused silica)
  • Fiber core offset < 1 µm


  • Optical switches / telecommunications
  • Optical sensors / test and measuremet
  • Multichannel rotary joints / medicine
  • Fiber connection to optical integrated circuits (IPD) / semiconductor industry
  • Fiber optic lasers
Catalog Sheet for Download in PDF pdf ikona
  Single Mode and Multi-Mode Version Polarization Maintaining Version
Fiber layout m × n, hexagonal pattern or others m × n, hexagonal pattern or others
Fiber type MM (step index or graded index) PM fibers (UV/VIS/NIR)
SM (ITU-T G.652d, G.657a, b)
Fiber core offset [µm]* Typ. < 1 Typ. < 1 
Fiber pitch [µm] x:250, y:500 for fiber 125/250 µm **
x:350, y:350 for fiber 125/250 µm **
x:500, y:500 for fiber 125/250 µm **
Angle misalignment [°] - ± 1.5 or  ± 2.5
Pointingh accuracy [mrad] < 5 < 5
Extinction ratio [dB] - 20, 25, 30
Matrix thickness [mm] 2, 2.5, 3.0 2, 2.5, 3.0
Matrix material fused silica fused silica
End face finishing flat (0°) or angled flat (0°) or angled
Anti-reflection coating on end face R<0.1%, 400 až 2000nm R<0.1%, 400 až 2000nm
Output optical connectors, 1D, 2D or 3D fiber arrays optical connectors, 1D, 2D or 3D fiber arrays
Operating temperature [°C] 40 to +85 -20 to +70

* Precise spacing in two dimensions, distance between center of fiber core and ideal position. Parameter includes error driling, core/clad concentricity and clad non-circuality.
** Minimum spacing, other on request

Fiber Core Offset

2D maticová pole

.Center of fiber core - ideal position
.Center of fiber core - real position
Note: the 2µm-diameter circles show possible middle core variation

Angle Misalignment (PM Version)

Optical fibers positioned in a 2D matrix

Note: 0°, 90°or tailored angle of rotation for each channe

Pointing accuracy

Optical fibers positioned in a 2D matrix

Examples of use

Optical fibers positioned in a 2D matrix
Optical fibers positioned in a 2D matrix
Optical fibers positioned in a 2D matrix